Effective Job Search Strategies Part 1


Effective Job Search Strategies Part 1 is a short online course designed to guide and support you in developing your winning resume, cover letters and teach you how to use Verified Selling Points technique essential to today’s industry standards and best practice to best position you for the roles you wish to apply.
You will build, develop and sustain knowledge in flexible, interactive and engaging ways, through relevant and up to date information while we provide practical explanations and examples.
During the course you will have opportunities to gain confidence by applying the concepts you have just learnt while practicing and perfecting your newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Effective Job Search Strategies Part 1 includes the following units:
  1. Verified Selling Points: What is VSP and how to master it?
  2. Winning Cover Letters:  How to write a winning cover later?
  3. Winning Resume: How to design a winning resume look like? Tips on winning cover letters and resumes/
This course consists of learning content in easy-to-follow format with animations,  additional downloadable PDF resources, and an assessment at the end of each unit.

Learning objectives:
  • Gain understanding of Verified Selling Points approach
  • Apply the VSP technique to cover letters and resumes
  • Develop own winning resume and cover letter
Estimated time: 30 hours

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