Essential Wellbeing


This 3-unit course is designed to introduce you to the principles, practices and techniques of mindfulness to improve your general levels of wellbeing, design your own self-care plan and use mindfulness strategies to tackle stress.

This course is ideal for those new to mindfulness and would like to explore and learn simple ways of using mindfulness strategies in your daily life.

What You Will Learn

Unit 1: Self-care Plan
  • Aspects of self-care
  • Why do we need a self-care plan?
  • How to create a self-care plan?
  • Mind map
  • Wellbeing goals
  • Self-care activities
  • A self-care in case of an emergency
  • Commitment and routine
  • Hands on – design your own self-care plan
Unit 2: Mindfulness
  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Practical mindfulness activities
  • Exploring meditation
  • Learn three simple mindfulness activities: Guided Mediation, The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique and Five Senses Mindfulness exercise
  • The benefits of mindfulness practice
Unit 3: Stress Management
  • Signs of stress
  • Common causes of stress
  • Recognise and acknowledge signs and sources of stress
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Analyse and understand potential areas of stress
  • How can stress be your friend
  • Develop an effective understanding of a range of stress management techniques
  • Develop a stress management plan
  • Monitor personal performance against performance requirements
  1. Presentations
  2. Simple activates to boost your participation
  3. Action Plans
  4. Simple to use templates
  5. Real examples

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Online Course 01/06/2022 $55.00

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